Noah’s Ark Bible Story For Kids – ( Children Christian Bible Cartoon Movie )

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26 comments on “Noah’s Ark Bible Story For Kids – ( Children Christian Bible Cartoon Movie )

  1. When I first learned of the Noah's Ark story as a child I realized that Christianity was pure BS. What a silly sadistic immoral evil story.

  2. The bible speaks only the Truth, those that don't believe in Gods Word will soon be destroyed at Armageddon- Gods great day (book of Rev.) Just like it happened in Noahs day but this time it will be a great War not a flood. A War that know one has ever seen before will soon be here. The disobedient will see Gods great power but it will be too late to get saved. The bible is a Warning, for everyone. So today is when everyone makes their own choice Life or Death its just as simple as that. Adam and Eve were disobedient to God so their punishment was death. How sad! Everything they had was free a beautiful garden to take care of and know doubt it must have been beautiful God had made it for them to enjoy forever and to never die. They both died they became selfish just like many today thinking of themselves and not of their Creator who made them. Do we want to follow their foot steps or Jesus? as for me i will follow Jesus as best as I can. Thanks to Jehovah God for providing his beloved Son-Jesus for my sins…John 3:16 and so that I might receive everlasting life if I remain faithful to the end. free bible website to learn more it is at our finger tips even free bible studies.

  3. It was great wonder of god you showed this was to kid Christian Mother, God Bless your group do many good videos …Thankyou

  4. stop copying from hindu context, m doing a comparative religion , the first recorded flood was from hindu script written in sanskrit much older than hebrew , where the mannu or so called noah by christian ,save all the living from flooded, it is even mention in some hindu religious context like bhagwat gita , and some other religious context…..

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