Moral Stories For Children in English: The Lion And The Mouse 12

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Animation Short Stories in English Title: The Lion And The Mouse Watch Damodar Shastri …



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18 comments on “Moral Stories For Children in English: The Lion And The Mouse 12

  1. 1. God and Jesus love all people, no matter the size or weight, no matter the color or complexion, no matter the handicap or handi-capable, no matter where they live or who they live with, no matter what job they do, no matter how much money they have or do not have , etc.
    2. The one in charge is God…
    3. You read and interpret the Bible yourself…Ask God to help you and ask people who know
    4. Keep praying, teaching, reaching, singing, working, watching, etc

  2. Very fantastic, and a great balance of spirituality and humor. It is unfortunate that modern T.V. is not this way. Or else, perhaps it has been many years since I've sat and watched television. Oh, ha ha. I guess it has.
    Maybe I should move to India so that I can watch television there.

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