OSHO: I Leave You My Dream

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Over time Osho had his disciples well prepared for his departure. “It has been always a great moment in the lives of disciples when the master leaves the body.



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  1. Great teacher, although he's a controversial figure. He taught fully living life, not holding back. B a lance of joy and sensual enjoyment in body…then go into stillness, God. Both sides of life..Yes, some lives were damaged,but most were enriched.

  2. He was only 58. I think his time in prison melancholied his spirit. He was treated poorly but loved by millions. Sounds like a familiar story for spiritual beings. I hear people say, he was a cult leader. So was Jesus. So was Buddha.

  3. I can divide my life in 2 parts…one before in contact with my master Osho and one after ….a great path changer of my life.
    Anand Nirgun

  4. Osho é um ser fantástico! Profundamente esclarecido e sábio, quebrou paradigmas quase que intransponíveis pra sua época e registrou seu nome para eternidade! É uma pena que a maioria das pessoas não tenha nível de conhecimento suficiente para entender seus ensinamentos. Namastê Osho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. i reached Osho thank to his disipules since you have printed his books, distributed his videos and ideas, i am so happy I met him, and I really love him and i know he knows me too… even we havent ever met he was always with me preparing me to his teachings … LOVE you Osho,

  6. And the Universe continues to sing and dance…SO SMILE, DANCE, AND SING Because this is LIFE! and someone who dances, sings and smiles is hard to be filled with hatred.

  7. At Pune there, Osho had organized for a cockerel to crow at random times over 24/7 so that the need to be aware as much as possible at all times. So it just happens at around 23.15 displaying Osho's sense of humour at a crucial moment, reminding his followers that he is still around and that they should not take death too seriously ?

  8. I love Osho, he has been a blessing for me and has taught me so much…..
    I wonder why "OSHO international" puts down all the other videos of Osho on YouTube. You don't own Osho, he belongs to the whole existence. Instead of trying to make money of his wisdom, allow everybody to enjoy his words. Don't be so greedy.

  9. Lamentablemente no se hablar inglés y los vídeos subtitulados son de gran ayuda para mí. A ultimas fechas e estado experimentando cierto animo a partir de escuchar los vídeos y les agradecería que subtitularan más vídeos. Mil gracias por compartir. Ahora sé que ya soy lo que tanto estaba buscando ser.

  10. I didn't know about osho until 2014, and what a gift when I saw his videos. He lives his life beautifully, because his consciousness level is so high. I love all his life stories, and of course, his "mastery of mind." while most of us are slaves of the mind.
    By the way, the doctor's speech is beautiful, his voice too.
    Thanks again for sharing…

  11. 23:21 why does that make me feel that osho is indeed god.. i mean god like, a true soul.. telling us to stay awake and happy! 😍

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