“Marching to Zion” Full Movie with subtitles

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25 comments on ““Marching to Zion” Full Movie with subtitles

  1. Was hier sofort ins Auge sticht, ist der krampfhafte Versuch, die flache Erde zu widerlegen. Für mich ein weiteres Indiz, dass mit der Globustheorie etwas nicht stimmt.Gut zu sehen bei Min. 5.24 und 5.54.

  2. This video is full of hate. I am jewish and i love the chosen. The christ. I can see. How can you unloving pieces of shit talk about anything. Love is love. Just love. Understand. I see you lost. You have forgotten all of it. A dog have more knowdege than you srupid and ignorant pieces of shit

  3. Pastor Anderson look what Rabbi Mann (from Marching to Zion) said about Christianity, everybody comment what you think about this.

  4. Steven Anderson has created a feeding frenzy for anti-Semites around the world which has no doubt directly led to persecution toward them. That is certainly not pleasing to God. An unbelieving Jew is no different than an unbelieving gentile. Why do you people who hate the Jews and want them to be annihilated not wish the same on them. A Christian should be loving to Jews as other unbelievers and pray the they will come to the Truth and be saved as many already have. The fact that this hatred is directed only toward unbelieving Jews is very telling.

  5. Jewish Christians, also Hebrew Christians or Judeo-Christians, were the original members of the Jewish movement that later became Christianity. In the earliest stage the community was made up of all those Jews who accepted Jesus as a venerable person or the Messiah (Christ). As Christianity grew and developed, Jewish Christians became only one strand of the early Christian community, characterised by combining the confession of Jesus as Christ with continued adherence to Jewish traditions such as Sabbath observance, observance of the Jewish calendar, observance of Jewish laws and customs, circumcision, and synagogue attendance, and by a direct genetic relationship to the earliest Jewish Christians.
    (Please see wikipedia:english version)
    In late antiquity, at the beginning of the 4th century, all those groups were excluded from the church and at most existed as sects in the outskirts of the Roman Empire. The elevation of Christianity to its state religion (380) completed the separation not only of Judaism, but also of Jewish Christian theology in Christianity. From now on, Jews who were baptized – initially the authoritative majority – were a rare exception. "Jewish Christians" were now only single Jews who had to give up their Judaism completely by baptism. From them the inner and outer rejection of Judaism was expected and / or enforced.

    Since the church consistently understood itself as the victorious "true Israel" over the defeated "Satan Synagogue", its mission to the Jews soon assumed the character of a systematic persecution of the Jews. In Spain, there was a great deal of compulsive baptism among the Visigoths in the seventh century, followed by pogroms especially during the Reconquista from the 12th to the 15th century. (please see Wikipedia: german version. Thank you Wikipedia!!)
    All this documentating … where does it lead to?
    To anything Jesus has said??
    No. It s just leading to interrupting, battleing, seperating… its just as well nothing else but not in Christ's sence.
    Jesus is our great king of love and forgiveness, shepard of lost sheep. Dont be foolish and consider yourself smart. Look who you're serving. Do have ONE heart for Jesus message. Let GOD rule the world. Dont talk about your neighbor in mean manner. This wont lead you to heaven. Read the scripture.

  6. Regardless of anything, the second restoration of Israel in the 20th century was in direct fulfillment of clear Biblical prophecy. So is the Six Day war that led to Israel reclaiming Jerusalem. So is all the nations surrounding Israel that want to wipe her off the map. So Is the fact that it is nearly, and eventually will be all, nations that will hate her and come against her in the Last Days. Todays Jews may be apostate, but that doesn't negate the foregoing nor the fact that GodYHWHHolyTrinity still has a plan and purpose for Israel and will show and prove and magnify Himself through the reality that is today's Israel. And he will smite the Nations, which will be all of them USA included, that come against her in he future.

  7. How did this guy not get a higher marker of DNA as an Ashkenazi Jew if his grandmother was? That doesn't make sense. I think he needs to get re-tested.

  8. Steve Anderson has all the makings of an anti-Christ. Just a matter of time before he is utterly EXPOSED! For one, he is a FALSE WITNESS.

    1. For instance, why does he contradict the Truth by stating in here that the Lord resurrected AFTER THREE DAYS? Aren't the scriptures unanimous on the fact that just as it was prophesied, He rose again ON THE THIRD DAY and not after three days? Yet why does he do that – just as many of his ilk? The answer is, because for all his claim to superior knowledge of the Truth, he has utterly missed the FACT THAT THE LORD HAD PERFECTLY IN KEEPING WITH HIS INFALLIBLE WORD AFTER FINISHING HIS WORK ON THE CROSS ON THE FRIDAY HAD RESTED ON THE SABBATH TO RISE AGAIN ON THE THIRD DAY, i.e THE SUNDAY.

    2. What gives him the authority to judge before the Appointed Time? Aren't the scriptures unanimous on the fact that it is God who exalts one and brings down another? Then why doesn't he wait for the Day of the Lord? Why does he premauturely proclaim the 'Christians' as the Spiritual Israel? Is it not made absolutely clear that the mystery of God's children, the true sons of the Kingdom, will only be unraveled at His Second Coming?

    3. While the fact is that ALL RELIGIONS ARE ABSOLUTE VIOLATIONS OF TRUTH, JUDAISM AND CHRISTIANITY INCLUDED, what gives Mr. Anderson the right to write off the Jews? Hasn't the Spirit clearly testified that a numbered remnant from out of the physical Israel will turn to the Lord, who will rank 'third' among the true children of God along with Egypt and Assyria?

    4. Its a shame that while on one hand he appears to shun the idea of genealogies he ended up contradicting himself by getting his DNA done! So that, as it stands, to all his boasting, he may also lay claim to Jewish ancestry in his flesh!!! Just like his so-called 'church fathers' who pretended to trace Christ's ancestry in the flesh and came up with TWO CONTRADICTING genealogies to their utter folly and eternal disgrace!! Absolutely deplorable! For, how is it that he utterly forgets to reference the Lord's testimony of flesh – refer Jn 3:6, Jn 6:63 etc. And why is it that he fails to DEFINE TRUE CHILDREN OF GOD IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH WHICH IS SO INFALLIBLY AND IRREFUTABLY STATED IN Jn 1:13?

    5. Lastly, look at his blasphemous statement that ONLY THE MALE IS CREATED IN THE LIKENESS AND IN THE IMAGE OF GOD. Where in the scriptures does it say that only the male was created in the image and likeness of God? And what could be more blasphemous than to suggest that the MALE flesh is the likeness of God Who is VERY CLEARLY not a physical being but THE HOLY SPIRIT? How is he any different from the Godless heathens who worship the 'MALE' image even going as far as to worshiping the MALE GENITALS'?

    That one statement alone, nay, FALSE WITNESS, has EXPOSED Mr. Anderson as an ABSOLUTE LIAR. Read Gen 1:26-28 and Gen 5:2 where it is clearly testified that 'MAN' was the name God gave to both male and female since they are the only beings who were created in His trinity image and in the likeness of His perfect oneness. We know it for a fact. For mankind are the only beings to be created by the triune combination of the Body + the soul + the spirit of life. And, why? Because mankind was created to proclaim the First Coming of the Messiah even as they showed forth in their flesh the likeness of the One Who is to come. How can one deny God, Is beyond reckoning
    One is so dependent, Its one’s very life one denies!
    And to deny the Trinity of God, Is like denying one’s own self
    The triune identity of oneself, One partakes of with one’s Maker!

    And what is more? This is not so any more! At least not in the original perfect likeness! For since their fall, UNDENIABLY mankind lost their perfect likeness and image of God so that just as it testifies in Gen 5:3, ALL HIS DESCENDANTS BEAR NOT THE IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF GOD BUT THE WARPED TRINITY OR IN OTHER WORDS, THE IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF THE FALLEN MAN! So that ever since all mankind have come to bear a warped and death ridden trinity of a Perishable Body + a Spiritually Dead Soul + a Temporal Spirit of Life!!!
    The trinity of fallen man
    For those who do not understand is this
    Body – the now visible self with a name
    Soul – the invisible self with the blame
    And spirit of life – as temporal as a game.
    Man, O man, how contrary!
    So in disharmony
    With self as with God!
    How long will you reject His Hand,
    Deny yourself the perfection He has planned?

    So much for his boasting!!!! Note how he swallows the 'neither male nor female' part while quoting Gal 3:28. For, INARGUABLY he is one who cannot discern between the Word of God and words of men. His teachings are not the Word of God but words of men, beginning with the FIRST LIES planted by his first father (Gen 2:23) who as soon as he had his first hearer BEGAN BY DISTORTING THE GOSPEL (compare Gen 2:23 with Matt 26:26-29 for example) AND MISAPPROPRIATING AND CHANGING THE GOD-ORDAINED NAME OF THE FEMALE – ALL THIS SO THAT HE SEEK HIS GLORY AND THE GLORY OF GOD WHO ALONE IS WORTHY!!!
    Man is so arrogant!
    He will dare to equal with the Son of God but will not let equal his fellow-man.

    AND THIS IS SO TRUE OF MR. ANDERSON!! Woe to those who heed his teachings!!

  9. I literally wept for joy for the truth brought forth near the end of this video! Thank you brothers and sisters in Christ for producing this and sharing it! I needed this SO MUCH!!! Praise God for sending His Son to save all who put their trust in Him! However, I don't believe we can say we believe in Jesus, pray "the sinners prayer," go on to live like the world and inherit eternal life.

    Believe in ONE GOD,"ALLAH"……THE TRUE GOD,THE FIRST and THE LAST,the ALMIGHTY and the OMNIPRESENT,THE GOD who sent ADAM(peace be upon him),HE sent ABRAHAM,JACOB,MOSES,JESUS(peace be upon them) and many others as HIS prophets and messengers to the humans for their guidance.HE sent MUHAMMAD (peace be upon him)as HIS last and final messenger..

    Brothers and sisters,GOD revealed books and scriptures to the prophets,from time to time,according to the need of the people present at the specific time to guide them.God gave the book ""ZABOOR"" to Prophet DAVID(peace be upon him),''TORAH"" to MOSES(peace be upon him),"BIBLE" to JESUS(peace be upon him) and finally gave the last book "QORAAN" to Prophet MUHAMMAD(peace be upon him)….

    Every prophet and the scripture revealed was for a particular nation and particular people.As Prophet MUHAMMAD (peace be upon him) is the last messenger and no further prophet is to come after him and QORAAN the last book, so prophet MUHAMMAD(peace be upon him) and QORAAN is for all the people of any place or any race till the end of the world….following the teachings of prophet MUHAMMAD(peace be upon him) is necessary for every man and woman of any place or race till the end of this world…
    The basic teachings of all the prophets are the same.there was a little change due to the need of the people at a particular time but the basic teachings were the same.
    The teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) include:
    believe in the angels of God.
    believe in all the prophets and messengers of God.
    believe in all the books revealed by God.
    believe in the DAY of JUDGEMENT.
    believe in the life after death.
    believe that all good and bad is from God.
    do good to yourself and fellow humans and dont do bad things to yourself and your fellow humans and creatures.

    Brothers and sisters,,,,,,,believing in all the above makes you a MUSLIM…ALL THE PROPHETS AND THEIR FOLLOWERS BELIEVED IN THESE THINGS AND THEY WERE ALL MUSLIMS.
    Dear brothers and sisters,I choose for u what i chose for myself,for me its not a blind following because i did research it and found that ISLAM is the TRUE RELIGION in this world.brother,u should urself look and think about it sincerely.once u start following the truth,u will feel the peace inside…..u will feel refreshed and feel the joy of life,depression will be no more there and u will feel that life is purpose-ful and time should not be wasted in meaningless activities …….

  11. Abrahams two son Ishmael the Quran and Issac Judaism. Abraham gave the corner stone to Ishmael. The Qurans dajjal (anti-christ) is the jews messiah. The jews messiah is here thats why they are trying to build the 3rd temple so fast, Moses was Aries the ram and Jesus was Pieces the fish. The new age of Aquarius is here. Luke 22 : 10, Luke 18 : 8. Hagge Matthew 21 : 31. The 95 thesis of Martin Luther calls the jews the song birds that cry out so loud to assure their safety that it is clear they corrupted the book, basically the Father doesnt have favorites.

  12. Ashkenazi are not Jews. They are descendants of Japheth…which is not the line of Abraham. You had me to the DNA of your grandma. Ashkenazi converted to Judaism when the King of Kazhar converted to Talmudic Judaism. But they are not the physical/biological descendants of Abraham.


  14. "To find out who governs you, find out simply who you are not allowed to criticize." Voltaire

    "Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious
    conviction. "- Blaise Pascal

    "In individuals insanity is rare, but in groups, parties, nations and epochs it is the rule." – Friedrich Nietzsche

    Maimonides (1135-1214), a rabbinical sage, decrees in one of the Talmud volumes that it is permissible to have intercourse with children up to the age of three, it is not by chance that we see so many cases of pedophilia in the Hollywood film industry, Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein to tell you, see the latest scandal revealed by Wikileaks, called Pizzagate. Actor Corey Feldman is raising funds to produce a documentary about the abuse he has suffered, among many other young actors. Another very relevant case in history is that of Capuchin monk and priest Thomaso of Damascus, a French citizen, in the book of Sir Richard Francis Burton, "The Jews, The Gipsy and El Islam", a great English explorer, describes the kidnapping, torture and the cruel ritual death of the priest and his Arab helper, Ibrahim Amara, who shocked Europe at the time in 1840 years earlier and more famous until the case of 'Jack the Ripper' by sectarian extremist Jews who extracted the blood to make unleavened bread, common thaumaturgical practice among occult sects, blood is impure for consumption, but for the Talmudists, the blood of the Passover and the blood of the circumcision are pleasing to Gd. The bodies were dismembered and disposed of in mouths of mud but were eventually found and the donors were condemned. The case is also described in the controversial book "Blood Ritual", detailed in the book "Matzo de Zion" by the Syrian scholar Mustafa Tlass and in a small monograph called "Debacle in Damascus", which describe the Jewish human sacrifice rituals, were common throughout history and one of the reasons Jews were expelled from various European countries over the centuries, many victims became martyrs of the Church, most of them children. There is a city in Austria called Judenstein, "Jewish Stone," where a child named Anderl von Rinn was sacrificed in ritual and erected a church on the site. Given the obvious bizarreness of the subject and the doubts that this certainly raises, nothing like good research to unravel and draw your own conclusions. See Mouthy Buddha videos about the Zionists and the porn industry, aim is to degenerate Christian societies, they hate Christianity because of centuries of persecution. David Icke, as crazy as he is, also scultures Zionism-Rothschild with extremely lucid points. What the Zionists are doing in the Arab countries is only a preparation for what they want to do in Christian countries, only in Iraq were more than 1 million dead. The crimes committed in Palestine, the largest open-air prison in the world, are unspeakable, to them the Gentiles are not even considered human beings, it is also in the Talmud, Yossi Gurvitz describes it well.
    Remember comrades:
    Anti-Zionism is not Anti-Semitism.
    Most Jews have no idea what's going on. I strongly disagree with Zionist expansionist and military policies, after the US, are the country with the largest number of military jets in the world, possess nuclear weapons, and the open practice of Apartheid against the Palestinians. I advise you to see the documentary "Defamation". Apparently, any form of criticism of Zionist politics is labeled antisemitic, which is an absurd cognitive dissonance.

  15. Shouting ''anti-antisemitism'' is the oldest Jewish tactic to avoid any inspection, critic and debate over their beliefs, actions and motivations. By making any investigation into them ''racist'', they are therefore equating any discussion as irrational and unreasonable by definition. Thus, they are able to shut down debate, deflect and convince others to ignore any criticism of them. Truly disgusting.

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